Personal Growth

Life in the fast lane…what are we leaving behind?





You have gifts to share with the world and my job is to help you get them out there.

As a personal and professional development coach and I have realized one thing.


Most people are out of balance running through the world vs. having consciousness on a whole of what they are doing from one moment to the next.


This is no big secret and in large part, it is because we operate on a three-pillar system consisting of mind, body, and spirit. When one of these three pillars is not being acknowledged we are not operating at an optimum level but rather a scattered auto pilot train of thought at best. The autopilot would be our subconscious taking over the driver’s seat.

"The mind is our mental state of well-being, our clarity, our thoughts, our programming!"

Please do yourself a favor and train your brain to think predominantly positive. Focus on the good things and the things that you want in your life. Make those your primary thoughts. Stay in the present moment! This is where the magic happens! The instant that you realize your thoughts are wandering or leaning to the negative gently bring yourself back again to the place of positive thoughts. One of my dear friends has a Ph.D. in neuroscience. The brain is fascinating!


Physical is our body, our actions based on our thought patterns. How we move, what we eat, actions that we take with family, friends, and in business. It is even greater than that though. Our thoughts, behaviors, and patterns impact our physical health. I coach people with regards to their physical ailments on a regular basis. This is based upon information that was compiled way before me and that still isn’t being fully resourced. It has been proven that our mental state impacts our physical health. It has even been taken to the root of the source. Example: X thought and behavior patterns will result in specific physical ailments within the body that have been identified via years of compiled research by top professionals.

The moment that someone shares with me a personal physical ailment or areas of discomfort within their physical body the real work begins. It is the moment when I am able to take their coaching to a whole new level. This is one that impacts them not just mentally but also physically. This is a game-changing moment for most. I put together coaching protocol based upon their physical discomfort. I know the key things that they need to change within their mindset to improve their mental and physical game. I use a lot of intuition when I coach in conjunction with my resources. After years of doing personal and professional development, I have a keen sense of what a person needs to hone in on to get to the next level of achievement.


My coaching is far from easy. My clients have to work. They have to want to strive for optimum because I follow up! The results; however, always keep them coming back for more.


The spiritual is a key part that gets lost in the hustle and bustle. There is always some sense of spiritual practice that becomes a part of each persons coaching. It will be in many forms pending the person and their needs. It could be meditation, prayer, yoga, or simply getting into nature and taking the time to connect with everything more often.


The three key pillars of life can’t be escaped. Each one is intertwined and is meant to bring us more harmony, health, and balance. Once we embrace this and have the support in place to sustain the balance, everything starts to change in a very powerful way on all levels.


I hope that this gives a new perspective with regards to what mind, body, and spirit means and how it is impacting your life daily. Wake up, pay attention, be present, make conscious choices, come into balance and you will be amazed at how your life changes and how much more effective things flow for you in all aspects of your life. You can release blocks both mentally and physically.


Cheers to living a healthy and balanced life!