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Scientific facts regarding how your body works

August 10, 2023

Scientific facts regarding how our body works in conjunction with our spirit and mind in order to function as healthy beings. One must realize the importance of the balance between the body, mind and spirit in order to maintain a healthy body. Without all three working simultaneously, the body will not function as it should. Each part must work in harmony to maintain a healthy body.


Our bodies are amazing. The human body is an intricate matrix of systems and organs that work together to sustain life. The body needs a well-balanced diet, including healthy fats, proteins and carbohydrates to thrive. Our minds and our bodies are connected. There are neurotransmitters that affect brain activity and our moods. The body is in a constant state of repair, especially when we sleep. The body is a gift and the more we learn about it, the more we can appreciate it!


It's important that we know the scientific facts about our bodies so we can be aware of how they are functioning. That way we can take the best care of them so they can take the best care of us!


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